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Too often companies believe the news story should be about them. The reality is that the story is about whatever is important to the news organization that day.

The media can be challenging, persistent, invasive and demanding. Reporters have their own priorities and all too often less time than both of you might prefer. But contact with the news media can present valuable opportunities to generate interest in your company where it will count the most. Information is king these days. And the ability to customize your information and establish rapport with key news sources can give you an edge among customers, investors and the public.

Creating a relationship with important media outlets and representatives calms the waters during times of crisis. Understanding the full complexity of any given situation a business may encounter is essential when that business (or executive) comes under fire. Strategic Niche’s media strategies shift the spotlight to the corporate messages that reinforce the efforts of the company to effectively deal with emergent issues. The key to sustained and positive media relations is knowing how to position the messages—even when the news is not good. Expert media coaching and management from Strategic Niche protects the clients’ reputation and prevents clients from getting trapped.

Of course, great media relations allows you to position the brand, deliver the strategic corporate messages, showcase the corporate or product name and identity and generally leverage the corporate assets.


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