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Corporate Positioning is, in essence, your business acumen. No matter what business you're in, the competition is fierce. Positioning for maximum competitive advantage is not optional. Here's how to ensure your company is positioned for visibility and serious attention:

1. Use consistent and strategic messaging—a great platform offers a compelling story and enhances your position in the marketplace
A great story will yield consistent results

2. Project a consistent image—that of a confident, secure, reliable company
Your reputation will work for you and willl enhance your image

3. Seek earned media opportunities—the media can be
your ally
Be prepared to deliver your strategic messages

4. Know what your competition is doing—leverage the differences
Know your strengths and know the weaknesses of your competition—seek niches

5. Don't settle for medicore
Use your integrated platform to deliver the story with impact

6.Deliver on your commitments
Seems obvious why this is an important element

7. Use your corporate Web site to project your corporate status
Customers expect to find valuable information on your Web site


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