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Although the term "branding" has been around for centuries, the modern day concepts of branding have finally become more familiar to organizations and therefore more important.

A solid branding strategy allows all the other pieces—advertising, image, promotion, marketing, publicity, media relations—to be integrated in support of the brand.

Branding is about creating a strong personality or attitude that gives customers permission to prefer your product or service over another.

Not every company is able to be a super brand. But every company has the potential to achieve stellar status among customers. If the CEO sees the brand position as essential to increasing profits, continued growth and gaining a competitive edge, the brand (and company) will prosper.

Align the branding strategy with the business strategy and distinctive ideas begin to emerge. Anything that differentiates the company, product or service from others is noteworthy and should be leveraged to position the brand among consumers. If you can’t find anything that differentiates your company from the competition, this may be a good time to consider merging with the competition.

Branding requires a strategic and integrated approach utilizing all the core disciplines of corporate communications to create a preference for your offerings.

Strategic Niche has created, managed and enhanced multiple brands through mergers, acquisitions, product launches and crisis situations. Our habits for highly effective brands include:

Great habits lead to great brands.

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